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  1. I signed up for the membership 3 weeks ago; however, I still
    have not received details on how to get my free week of filetut.

    Can you let me know?


  2. I open some courses links to download while i’m a VIP member logged in and it still doesn’t show download links but instead says “Sign up to see links”. Whats up with that? Please fix ASAP, I want to get what i paid for and be able to download freely whatever i want from here.

  3. Admin,

    Could you please renew filetut for a further 6 days, you didn’t reply for a week and I didn’t see the email until just now.
    Also, I would be grateful if you could remove my email from your previous reply.
    Thank you

  4. The free version of filetut is unusable. It either says “This webpage is not available” or it claims I used the wrong captcha., then wants me to wait another hour before trying again.

  5. Activate the 7 day premium access to filetut please. Also, ask them to fix the free version, it’s not working (all files report “404 not found” after you enter captcha and wait 60 seconds and then you try to download).

  6. Hi my user name is godsgrace, signed up for premium membership, please give 7 days of filetut premium membership urgently.
    Kindly inform as done too.

  7. Hello, I paid for 1 month newnulled VIP this morning 07/22/15 and followed instructions exactly. I then emailed my paypal ID to [email protected] immediately as instructed. However, I have not received a reply from you within the promised 2-6 hour window with my 7 day Filetut premium access information. If I don’t receive a reply very soon today I will be forced to pursue a Paypal refund as without the Filetut premium access this site is unusable and I will not have received access to what I paid for.
    Thank you, jimsmith

  8. I’m having the same problem as everyone else here. Almost in to day 4 of a 7 day membership, and no one bothers to reply to fix the problem. Might as well pursue a Paypal refund as this is the only option.

  9. Hi,

    Just joined this afternoon and was able to get the GB I joined in. Was just wondering about the 7 day filetut premium that comes with the new nulled membership?
    Can you upgrade my status to premium.

    Thanks a lot!


  10. Hi- I’m a member who’d like to download two courses, but the download page doesn’t show any download links. It just says, ” Get download links for membership.” I’m already logged in, but I don’t see where the download links are. Here are the courses:

    Can you tell me how I can get the links? Thanks.

  11. I have tried emailing you twice. would be comforting to know someone was here to respond to emails.

    I would like my free 7 days on Filetute. I have been a member for almost a week now.


  12. Hi, i just paid for membership and now I realize I need a filetut account as well to use this site properly. Kindly cancel my account and refund as I can’t afford it this way.
    Thank you

  13. I also send you three email asking for the filetur premium access. No response so far. This site is useless without it…

    Please respond within next days or I need to contact paypal as well.

  14. Hi King of Newnulled,

    I just renewed my membership for a month and I also subscribed to the Halloween treats. Does this mean I would be getting 2 weeks of filetut premium (1 week for my membership renewal and 1 week for the Halloween trip) and 5 weeks of newnulled membership (4 weeks of own subscription and 1 week of free Halloween treats from newnulled)?
    Can I get the upgrade to premium filetut membership soon?

    Warm regards,


  15. Hi there
    Well, guess what? I’m also waiting for my filetut to be activated!

    User ID: emanolito PP 1E447419A8441381G
    Could you please do that, because as you know, without ft, there’s no point in using this site!

    Thank you

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