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  1. rainmaker

    I signed up for the membership 3 weeks ago; however, I still
    have not received details on how to get my free week of filetut.

    Can you let me know?


  2. Edward Henderson II

    I have the same question as Rainmaker. How can I get my free 7 days on Fuletut?

    • admin

      Hi, Done! Please check your email

  3. Yancey Thomas Jr


    The same a s above???
    I didn’t realize I needed to pay 14.99 plus another fee for downloads, that’s disappointing.

    • admin

      Can i help you ?
      Do you tell me your disappointment?

  4. Yancey Thomas Jr


    What did I pay 14.99 for? I can’t download anything without paying another fee for download access.

    • admin

      I’m sorry for delayed reply!
      Your Filetut account ‘yvoncey’ was upgraded premium 7 days.

      Thanks for using our service!

      Best regards.

  5. David Ro

    Sites almost useless without filetut

  6. jan wengel

    How can I get my free 7 days on Fuletut?

    • admin


      Your Filetut account was extended premium 7 days for Newnulled Membership.

  7. Mark Grasinski

    Hi, I also need to access my premium Filetut account.

    • admin


      Yes, Your Filetut account ‘kcmark’ was upgraded premium 7 days.

  8. gabriel chin

    hi can i get my free 7 days on filetut

  9. gabriel chin

    thanks so much , just curious where are thedownload links for the vip area files thanks so much

  10. gabriel chin

    where is the email to talk to a real person

  11. Mostafa Mohamed

    I open some courses links to download while i’m a VIP member logged in and it still doesn’t show download links but instead says “Sign up to see links”. Whats up with that? Please fix ASAP, I want to get what i paid for and be able to download freely whatever i want from here.

    • admin

      of course that you do not see the link ? , please send it to me

  12. mpe seo

    hi, can you please activate my Filetut account as I cannot download. Thanks.

  13. David Ro


    Could you please renew filetut for a further 6 days, you didn’t reply for a week and I didn’t see the email until just now.
    Also, I would be grateful if you could remove my email from your previous reply.
    Thank you

  14. C Cortez

    Hi Admin,

    I just signed up for VIP account today. Can you set me up for the Free 7 days Filetut premium account please?


  15. Ben Caruana

    Hi How do i access my filetut free membership.

  16. Mark Grasinski

    Were we supposed to get some kind of an upgrade because of the site being down for several days?

    • Mark Grasinski

      No answer to my question?

  17. parris watkins

    how do i get the filetut access please.

  18. Ben John

    FILETUT.COM is down the domain Name has not been paid it redirects you to a GODADDY page to pay for the domain.

  19. Mark Grasinski

    The free version of filetut is unusable. It either says “This webpage is not available” or it claims I used the wrong captcha., then wants me to wait another hour before trying again.

  20. Vas Pet

    Activate the 7 day premium access to filetut please. Also, ask them to fix the free version, it’s not working (all files report “404 not found” after you enter captcha and wait 60 seconds and then you try to download).

  21. Sex Rocks


  22. Lee H

    I paid for VIP. Please upgrade filetut account. Thank you.

  23. Gautam B Saigal

    Hi my user name is godsgrace, signed up for premium membership, please give 7 days of filetut premium membership urgently.
    Kindly inform as done too.

  24. Chris Wallace

    HI. I just signed up. I have sent you an email at the address you requested. Please forward me the log-in information, Thank you.

  25. cesar magana

    very nice forum…it is full of courses and membership sites i like it

  26. correo prueba

    I signed today,
    I still have not received details on how to get my 7 day free of filetut.

    Can you let me know?


    • admin

      Please check mail.
      I have done for you.
      Thank you.

  27. Marcelo Bacchi

    I have not received my 7 days FileTut Premiun? Can you please send it to me?

  28. gabe chij

    hi admin new member sent email to you please help thanks

    • admin

      I have sent you.
      You can chẹk again.

  29. Josh Denning

    Can I please get the access to File Tut

  30. Creator Of Universe


    What is my filetuts 7 day premium account user name & password?


  31. David Melendez

    Hey admin,

    Just wanted to make sure that I was also upgraded to the 7 Free Premium Days, thanks!


  32. J Smith

    Hello, I paid for 1 month newnulled VIP this morning 07/22/15 and followed instructions exactly. I then emailed my paypal ID to immediately as instructed. However, I have not received a reply from you within the promised 2-6 hour window with my 7 day Filetut premium access information. If I don’t receive a reply very soon today I will be forced to pursue a Paypal refund as without the Filetut premium access this site is unusable and I will not have received access to what I paid for.
    Thank you, jimsmith

    • admin

      I have sent a email to your mail.
      Please check it again.

  33. Andreyna Mateo

    I ordered the VIP and the filhut for $13 im waiting for everything. Please send

  34. Greg Noland

    I’m having the same problem as everyone else here. Almost in to day 4 of a 7 day membership, and no one bothers to reply to fix the problem. Might as well pursue a Paypal refund as this is the only option.

  35. C Cortez


    I’ve renewed my subscription just today, can you reactivate my VIP access again please?



  36. Bruno Sampaio


    Can you renew my filetut acocunt? “brunn0sampai0″

  37. sherman brown

    Hi, I need to access my 7 day premium Filetut account.


  38. Richard Dizon


    Just joined this afternoon and was able to get the GB I joined in. Was just wondering about the 7 day filetut premium that comes with the new nulled membership?
    Can you upgrade my status to premium.

    Thanks a lot!


  39. Xpto Bra

    Forgive me if I’m asking the wrong place. You got what course Conversion Funnel Mastery of Digital Marketer Ryan Deiss’s ??

    Here’s a link of the course>

    Thank You

  40. Robert Daniel

    Can you also activate my 7 day filetut access? I’ve also sent an email.

  41. EC Pfal

    Can you please send me the filetut access to my email please?

  42. Francesco Diolosa

    Hi How do i access my filetut free membership.

  43. Xpto Bra

    How can I get my free 7 days on Filetut?

  44. Lisa Speal

    Hi- I’m a member who’d like to download two courses, but the download page doesn’t show any download links. It just says, ” Get download links for membership.” I’m already logged in, but I don’t see where the download links are. Here are the courses:

    Can you tell me how I can get the links? Thanks.

    • King Of Newnulled

      I have sent you a mail.

  45. disco stu

    I signed up yesterday. I need my access to filetut please.

  46. Mohamed Fouad

    Hello Admin ,

    How can I get my free 7 days on Fuletut? Also please check your email .

    Thank you

  47. Ira Rabinowitz Ira Rabinowitz

    Please set me up with Filetut

  48. DoesIt Matter

    I have tried emailing you twice. would be comforting to know someone was here to respond to emails.

    I would like my free 7 days on Filetute. I have been a member for almost a week now.


  49. krishna chowdary

    without filetut premium account there is no use of buying newnulled vip membership.we need to spend extra $ to get filetut premium membership…

  50. Muhammad yousaf

    Hi, i just paid for membership and now I realize I need a filetut account as well to use this site properly. Kindly cancel my account and refund as I can’t afford it this way.
    Thank you

  51. Jason Hanna

    Hello, I am looking for my Filetut premium account.

    Just letting you know that I have emailed you already.


  52. Sven Steinkamp

    I also send you three email asking for the filetur premium access. No response so far. This site is useless without it…

    Please respond within next days or I need to contact paypal as well.

    • King Of Newnulled


      I’m sorry for delayed reply! I have problem with Filetut system. I’m fixing it, I’ll send you Filetut premium account asap.

      Best regards.

  53. Richard Dizon

    Hi King of Newnulled,

    I just renewed my membership for a month and I also subscribed to the Halloween treats. Does this mean I would be getting 2 weeks of filetut premium (1 week for my membership renewal and 1 week for the Halloween trip) and 5 weeks of newnulled membership (4 weeks of own subscription and 1 week of free Halloween treats from newnulled)?
    Can I get the upgrade to premium filetut membership soon?

    Warm regards,


  54. Matthew K

    I just signed up for a VIP membership and paid with paypal. Can you give me my 7 day filetut vip login?

    • King Of Newnulled

      I’ll help you. Thanks You.

    • King Of Newnulled

      I’ll help you.

  55. mooh b

    can you send me Filetut premium account

    • King Of Newnulled

      OK. I will contact you.To send you.Thanks

  56. Robert Michaels

    Filetut premium account info please. thanks

    • King Of Newnulled

      YOU can check it. We helped you to check it.

    • King Of Newnulled

      i sent to you. You can check!

  57. Emmanuel cuny

    Hi there
    Well, guess what? I’m also waiting for my filetut to be activated!

    User ID: emanolito PP 1E447419A8441381G
    Could you please do that, because as you know, without ft, there’s no point in using this site!

    Thank you

    • King Of Newnulled

      I sent your email. You can check it.

  58. fay burns

    I am also waiting for a filetut activation. Can I have my 7 day membership starting on a specific day?

    I emailed already.

    • King Of Newnulled

      I’m sorry for your reply message later. Because the national network was broken

  59. S L

    I also need the 7-day free File Tut. I emailed you. Thanks.
    Paypal Transaction ID: 5R579261GG177850V

  60. W J

    I’m not able to renew my subscription, keep getting a PayPal error. Is it just me?

    • King Of Newnulled

      You can try again.
      Thank you

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